Integrity Recovery Foundation is a non-profit established to evaluate resources of information and economic services for those suffering from Alcohol and Substance Abuse and Mental Illness. We assist accredited recovery centers for the purpose of creating scholarship for persons seeking treatment.

Though our focus is on the systems listed above we all know what the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has released upon our society. From the increases of suicides, drug and alcohol addiction, depression and mental health, domestic violence and other crimes: to disruptions in societal education, social awareness, national and global discrimination, and children (society’s most precious gift).

As founders of Integrity Recovery Foundation, we have compassion for non-profit and for-profit organizations that have been disrupted by the pandemic. Our goal is to combat the effects of these difficulties and communities by supporting the agencies that can best achieve the positive outcomes that save and improve lives.

Our Mission

Our goal is to identify individuals in need and assist them with the necessary services required to promote their personal wellbeing.

We provide support to the individuals and the support systems to achieve this goal. We have a comprehensive outlook to managing treatment through all necessary phases to help ensure a healthy return to society. We support facilities that provide the full range of services from; Detox Centers, Sober-Living Facilities, Out-Patient Care, applicable Insurance Applicants, Job Training and Job Placement.

Our Team

Robert Tisdale

Executive Director

As a Consultant in the Healthcare industry, Robert is leading treatment centers and transitional sober living facilities through digital transformation along with producing original content and presenting innovative technology with an emphasis on solution within their branded workplace culture, expertise and operational needs. Resulting in aligning entertainment and other corporate leadership with ethical treatment center strategic alliances for the purpose of healing and saving lives.

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Ira Liss


A 15-year entertainment industry veteran by way of Wall Street, Ira Liss is known for selling the juggernaut series, MAD MEN to AMC. He has managed household named actors and writers. Ira produces content for television, film and digital platforms. Along the way, he and his wife Lynn Liss (www.akoin.io – A launched crypto currency co-founded by Akon to empower African entrepreneurs) co-founded the social game for good, AOK (Acts and Observations of Kindness) with Adrian Grenier (ENTOURAGE). Most recently, Ira and Robert Tisdale have activated long-standing relationships with celebrities, influencers and their representatives to launch media campaigns that raise funds for leading causes, foundations and film festivals. Ira lives in Los Angeles with his wife of 19 years and two boys.

Sheri Marcus

Associate Director

Sheri started her commercial art career in New York as an Associate Art Director at a National magazine. Her additional experience in Management helped her not only to work her way up to Creative Director at an Internet Service Provider, but also to run her own Web Site Design business.

Sheri is also an illustrator and an award-wining artist specializing in Encaustic Painting. Her well-rounded experiences deliver a unique perspective to the team.

Victor Tetreault

Chief Financial Officer

Victor has established a startup company that produced over 150 million dollars in gross revenues within the first five years. He also has an extensive career in corporate management with developed skills that includes finance, marketing, and international trade.

He is passionate about helping others and is delighted to be part of the Integrity Recovery Foundation team.  

Jeffrey Meyer

Communications Partner

Jeffrey Meyer is a writer/producer, Democratic strategist, speechwriter, marketing consultant, and community activist.

A true Jersey guy, Jeffrey has never backed down from a fight, including his work for social justice, working with organizations like National Action Network, NAACP, NJ Working Families, and local grassroots activists.

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Lawrence Story


Lawrence has over three decades as a leader by managing, inspiring, coaching, speaking, and most importantly, leading by example, his views have been uniquely and carefully shaped. He embraces his “in the trenches” clinical approach and believe that leadership is a conscious decision made moment to moment, it supersedes gender, culture, position, or socio-economic status. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with everyone and every day…and believes it’s how we should live.

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