How We Help

Our organization intends to promote campaigns with influencers, in media, entertainment, and sports fields, to encourage donations that will support treatment facilities and individuals in need.

As campaigns progress Integrity Recovery Foundation will administer our outreach program to assist to contact, and vet, private and government supported treatment facilities.

This process provides us with the information needed to do good works. ​

 Integrity Recovery Foundation uses the combined expertise and strategic network of its TEAM to host events, produce campaigns and fundraising opportunities.

Our Approach:

Financial Assistance

Integrity Recovery Foundation helps individuals access the financial aid they need for expenses not covered by insurance.

We provide scholarships at all levels of the treatment process: from detox, residential treatment, sober living, and outpatient therapy.

Social Influencer Campaigns

    We engage the public in social media campaigns to raise awareness about substance abuse recovery. We discuss availability - and raise donations - for those in need for intervention, detoxification, and treatment. ​

    We also provide direct communication to individuals interested in our foundation’s mission, and those who wish to provide continuing support. ​

Connections with Treatment Centers

The Integrity Recovery Foundation Leadership team has relationships with accredited Joint Commission Treatment Center Facilities throughout the United States. 

We connect people with facilities providing a full range of services, including: Detox Centers, Sober-Living Facilities, Out-Patient Care, applicable Insurance Applications, Job Training and Job Placement.

The bottom line:

This could be the most important investment you’ll ever make.

Please contact us for assistance. 

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